Daily Weekly And Monthly Restaurant Cleaning Tasks

Running a restaurant involves more than just preparing and serving food. One of the most critical aspects of restaurant management is maintaining cleanliness. A clean restaurant not only ensures the health and safety of your customers and staff but also improves your restaurant’s reputation. This article provides a comprehensive restaurant cleaning checklist that covers daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

Kitchen Area

The kitchen is the heart of your restaurant and needs to be kept clean at all times. Daily cleaning tasks in the kitchen include washing all cooking utensils, pots, and pans, cleaning the grill, range, and fryer, wiping down all surfaces, and sweeping and mopping the floors. It’s also essential to clean and sanitize cutting boards, knives, and other tools.

Dining Area

The dining area is what your customers see, so it needs to be spotless. Daily cleaning tasks here include wiping down tables and chairs, sweeping and mopping the floors, cleaning and sanitizing restrooms, and emptying trash bins.

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Kitchen Area

On a weekly basis, deep clean the ovens, clean the walls and ceilings to remove any grease buildup, clean the refrigerator coils, and check the storage areas for any expired or spoiled food. Also, clean the exhaust hoods and change the filters if necessary.

Dining Area

Weekly tasks in the dining area include deep cleaning the carpets, washing the windows, dusting light fixtures, and polishing wood furniture.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Kitchen Area

Monthly cleaning tasks in the kitchen include deep cleaning the freezers, checking the fire extinguishers, and cleaning behind and under all appliances. It’s also a good idea to have a professional pest control service visit once a month.

Dining Area

In the dining area, monthly tasks include deep cleaning the upholstery, checking and replacing light bulbs, and inspecting the overall condition of the furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How often should a restaurant be cleaned?

A restaurant should be cleaned daily, with certain tasks performed weekly and monthly. This ensures a clean and safe environment for both staff and customers.

2. Who is responsible for cleaning a restaurant?

Everyone on the restaurant staff has a role in maintaining cleanliness. However, it’s often beneficial to hire a professional cleaning service, especially for deep cleaning tasks.

3. What are the consequences of not maintaining cleanliness in a restaurant?

Failure to maintain cleanliness can lead to health code violations, foodborne illnesses, and a damaged reputation.


Keeping a restaurant clean is a continuous process that requires daily, weekly, and monthly attention. By following this comprehensive cleaning checklist, restaurant owners can ensure a clean, safe, and welcoming environment for their customers and staff. Remember, a clean restaurant is a successful restaurant.

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